nekochan_lia (nekochan_lia) wrote,

Mess and Procrastination.... HELP!!!!

Lately, I felt my life is so messy…
I’m a perfectionist person and actually cant stand of any messiness around me.
Specially when I don’t know where’s my things are and scattered around my rent room and my real house.

The thing is.. I’m a lazy bum
If I got problems in real life and feeling gloomy..
I became very lazy to do anything
Like losing all energy and just want to procrastinate on my bed

If everything going around me is smooth
I continue doing my habits and obligation happily
Now everything is a mess mess mess (T_T)

This is the list of things that I desperately need to organize all of them
1.       Money => I spent quite a lot of money this month due to my grandma passed away and other things to take care of it and release stress
2.       Credit cards => I want to use new system using new android app to organize it but due to my crazy spending era I lost track. My old app is too simple.
3.       Downloads => OMG all the ARASHI downloads I missed.. I don’t even wanna know how I’m going to keep up. Checking all the LJ comm again. Specially the sub one
4.       Clothes => It scattered around my rent room and my real house. I felt lots of it are missing. And few are my favorites.
5.       Files => I really need to move it to External HD but haven’t find time to do it…
6.       Internet => I wanted to stop my current internet and change to other but still haven’t have time to do it. I need to stop Telkomsel flash, change it to BB and stop Smart and change to First Media.
7.       Fics archive => I neglected this one for a long time and need to archive all the nice Yama fics out there.. *sobs

Oh God.. so many things to do… I need to stop procrastinating.. or else everything will become huge mess, and I hate mess.. aargh

And I have few to do list as well
1.       To start writing fics specially the Sho x Satoko fic colab with my friend
2.       To organize my own feelings because for the first time I don’t even know what I want life.
3.       To learn how to drive
4.       To make trip plans to Japan for May trip
5.       To make visa at Japanese Embassy
6.       To buy few things like bigger suit case for my trip to japan…

I need to make check list for all this.
How am I going to keep up???
Tags: personal life
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