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Three Wishes

Title: Three Wishes
Author: Nekochan_lia
Pairing: Yama Pair (Ohno x Sho)
Length: One Shot - 1556 words 
Rating: PG 13 
Disclaimer: Yama pair belong to each other
Beta: Unbetaed, expect some weird wording and grammar mistake
Summary: written for boblemon contest posted in her community [here] with this prompt >> Sho and Ohno go to the beach/something for the weekend/a short trip. One day Sho thinks he's been abandoned so Ohno can go fishing, but instead Ohno shows up with something to surprise him or cross-dressing (in the end i used both of her prompts XD).

It was supposed to be a romantic weekend getaway to celebrate his 30th birthday. Of course Sho didn’t expect to wake up alone with nobody to snuggle at the next morning and found out that his human pillow was nowhere to be seen. He yawned and lazily walked to the kitchen to make a cup of black coffee just to find a home made omelette rice with a tomato sauce written message that said ‘fishing <3’. 

Sho sighed and ruffled his own hair with frustration. Sometimes Sho just wanted to scold his lover and ask him not to be so carefree when they were spending time together. Then again, Sho could always use the quiet time to continue reading a good book that he hadn’t finished yet and listen to relaxing classical music. Maybe Satoshi also knew that after their crazy schedule, they also needed some time to be alone and just enjoyed the silence. 

The day quickly passed, and when Sho took a glance at the clock, it was already 9 pm. He was starting to get worried because he hadn’t heard anything from his lover since morning. Sho tried to contact his cell phone, but as usual it was out of reach. At midnight, he was starting to panic. The thought of calling the police and organize a search party to find his missing lover already crossed his mind. 

Sho was in the middle of thinking about what to do next when he heard the sound of somebody opened the front door. 


“SA.TO.SHI!! I was worried to death. You could at least send me some e-mails. I almost organized a search party to look for you!!”

 “Sorry Sho, you know how I am when I go fishing, I always lose track of time,” Satoshi gave him an apologetic smile and scratched his head.

“Hey Sho-chan, I found something interesting caught on my reel. I bet you won’t believe it.”

“Hmm? What is it?” 

“I found a Magic Lamp!!” Satoshi let out something from his fishing bag and showed it to Sho.

“Satoshi, just because you found a weird lamp, doesn’t mean I’m gonna let you get away with this!”

“Sho, I’m not lying, there’s a genie inside that lamp. He promised to grant my three wishes. Look, this is my first one!”

Satoshi gave his phone to Sho, and there was a picture of his adorable lover with a bright smile on his face, holding an 80 cm tuna.

“Your first wish was a fish? Satoshi, do you really expect me to believe you? Maybe this is just your way just so I won’t get mad at you.”

“Okay, then I’ll prove it to you.” Satoshi held the lamp and started to rub it. 

Once, nothing came out from the so-called-magic-lamp. 

Twice, the room seemed to be filled with deadly silence. 

Third time, and the lamp still remained an ordinary lamp.

Sho was glaring at his lover when a blue smoke gradually came out from the lamp. He jumped a little to the back while watching the smoke going bigger and bigger forming a bluish little genie. 

Satoshi really wished he had a camera to take pictures of his cute boyfriend with his hilarious expression. His mouth was gaping, eyes wide open and he didn’t even move an inch after he saw the Genie. And yes, Satoshi were enjoying it a lot more than he was supposed to. This would surely be his number one material to tease Sho in the future. 

“Ehem...”, the Genie was trying to get Satoshi’s attention because he was too busy giggling on his lover. After he could control himself, finally Satoshi touched Sho’s hand to wake him up from his daze. 

“Is... is that real?” Sho managed to mumble a few words 

“I told you...” Satoshi gave Sho his most innocent smile.

“Master, have you decided your second wish?” The Genie suddenly spoke with a high pitch voice, which Sho thought, after he managed to calm himself was actually cute. 

“Satoshi, the creature... the blue genie is speaking!!” Sho sounded hysterical enough to make Satoshi genuinely worried. He held Sho’s hand gently and slipped his other hand around his lover’s waist to calm him. After a few minutes, Sho started to regain his composure and observed the little genie with curiosity. 

“Satoshi, I think the blue genie is waiting for you.”

“But I haven’t decided on my second wish, I just wanted to show the cute little genie to you.” 

“Master, once you called me, you have to tell me your wish.” The genie explained coldly to his Master. 

“Eeeh, now what should I do? Sho, do you have any particular wish that you want to ask?” 

“Hmm, should I wish for my English to be more fluent?”

Satoshi pouted after hearing Sho’s answer. “You’re seriously no fun. Hey Genie, I can ask for anything, right?”

“Of course you can master, but I won’t accept a wish concerning a human soul. It’s forbidden by The Great One.”

“Hmm, then I wish for Sho Sakurai to answer all my questions truthfully.”

“Your wish is my command.”

“Wait, Satoshi! Don’t...” Sho’s words were suddenly stopped because he had a weird feeling in his stomach, while Satoshi looked at him with a mischievous glint in his eyes.  

“Hey, Sho-chan, what’s your favourite food?”

“I always say soba, but actually I love clams more than soba.” Sho couldn’t stop himself from answering. He felt like he had no control over his body.  

After confirming that his wish was actually granted, Satoshi leaned closer to Sho, and looked straight into his eyes. It took him a moment before he managed to mumble his question. 

“Sho, I always wonder why you accepted my confession. I’m sure you could have someone better than me. Would you tell me the reason?”

All of a sudden, the atmosphere changed. This kind of conversation never happened before. They knew their feelings were mutual and the relationship between them was sort of going with the flow. Satoshi was not the kind of person who liked to think about complicated stuff, yet this question kept on lingering in his mind. 

Sho smiled and locked his gaze with his lover. He never thought that Satoshi had insecurities about their relationship.

“I hope you don’t doubt my feelings for you. I love you, and I don’t think I need a particular reason for that. I’m happy as long as we’re together. Is it not enough?”

Hearing the answer from his lover, Satoshi just smiled contently. He took his lover’s hand and brought his fingers to his lips. They stood unmoving for a while until Satoshi’s smile slowly changed to a naughty grin.

“Sho-chan, please tell me your wildest fantasy.”

Just after Satoshi asked him the question, Sho felt his cheeks reddened and he tried to resist the urge to answer it right away. Of course, it failed terribly because he just heard his own voice saying, “I want to see Satoshi in my taboo outfit.”

Satoshi was amused. Out of many things that Sho could have fantasized, he actually wanted to see Satoshi in that red police uniform outfit. Suddenly a brilliant idea popped out in his mind. 

“Okay, I’ll wear that Taboo outfit, only if you wore my costume when we celebrated your birthday. 

“No way, that’s just not fair. I would never....” 

Before Sho finished his words, Satoshi already spoke to the little Genie.

“Genie, I wish for Sho to wear this kind of costume and for me to wear his taboo costume.” Satoshi was showing some pictures from his phone to the Genie which Sho didn't even know  he had those pictures in the first place. 

The Genie blinked his eyes and suddenly both of them already wearing the costumes.

“Master, all your three wishes were granted. I shall excuse myself now.” With that, the blue Genie suddenly vanished into thin air and left nothing but a trail of blue smoke. 

“Sho you look so pretty.”

Sho had slimmed down a lot lately, and the costume fitted perfectly with his slim waist and long slender legs. Even his milky skin looked glowing, in contrast with the electric blue colour from the costume. Satoshi couldn’t help but feel amazed because of course he knew that Sho was 100% man, but how could a man looked so gorgeous when he was  cross-dressing, it was something that he would never understood. 

Satoshi, on the other hand looked so damn hot wearing the Taboo outfit. Sho was not mistaken for fantasizing and even dreaming about it for a few times. He felt his heart beating faster when he looked at his lover and started to blabber nervously about his own outfit. 

“This fish-net stocking felt so weird, I don’t think I could walk wearing it.” Sho pouted and whined right after he realized on what he was wearing. 

Without saying anything, Satoshi walked towards Sho’s direction and unexpectedly hooked his lover’s legs under his arm and carried him bridal style. 

“Well, all we have to do now is to remove all of it, don’t we? I’m more than willing to do that for you.” Before Sho opened his mouth to answer, Satoshi already kissed him passionately, while carrying him to their bedroom.

Thankfully, Sho thought, that their romantic weekend wasn’t a failure after all. 

Note : Thanks to dalinee and chibipinkpetals for inspiration <3

Tags: yama fic
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