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Updates on fandom related things

It’s raining, cold, and I feel very bored.

Fandom related things :

It’s kinda amazing that I keep loving arashi for almost 3 years, considering that I’m the type that easily get bored about something.

For this 2012, they lit up Tokyo Tower with their colors

Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, and Purple

It was a big form of recognition

I’m imagining the boys were smiling and reminiscent about the old days

when their single sales are lower than usual,

having concert for 5 times a day,

and doing stupid things and embarrassed themselves on late night tv shows.

About their current (and also past) works specially their doramas and movies (trying to be objective)

1. Nazotoki wa dinner no ato de

Honestly, this dorama is different from what I expected. I expected a serious mystery dorama, but Nazodi is a mystery dorama with a comedic genre. I’m not a fan of comedy, and honestly I was a little bit disappointed. Maybe if Sho-chan was not the main role, I wouldn’t watch this dorama (or stop in the middle). Well, in the end, I tried to enjoy the dorama, grew fond of kageyama character, but still thinking it could have been better plot and story. I’m glad that Sho got his role in Blackboard so that he could prove he’s not just an idol, but also a good actor.

2. Lucky Seven

Another dorama that disappointed me. And no, I’m not blaming the actors, but I don’t like the plot of the dorama. Once again, it’s too ordinary and couldn’t tickle a bit of my emotion when I watched it. Eita character is superb, but I couldn’t feel anything towards Shuntaro character. I felt that his character is not deep enough, and I couldn’t see shuntaro as shuntaro but I kept seeing him as Matsujun. I think the director wanted to focus more on his kakkoiiness, not on the characterization. I wish that Jun doesn’t keep getting the stereotype role over and over again. He needs something that is more challenging (not only focus on his looks) so that his acting skill will get better.

Kagi no kakatta heya and Mikeneko Holmes no suiri

Just watched episode 1. Maybe I will give my thought about this dorama later on when I have the time.

I’ll try not to be too bias. XDD

Movie and SP thingy

I haven’t watch Blackboard and nazodi with sub, so I won’t comment

For Mou Yuukai nante Shinai, the dorama is entertaining (hell my brothers totally ROFL MAO watching Shotaro suffers). But, I’m not a fan of comedy dorama, and I still think the plot is too simple, but fun. Ohno's acting is okay, maybe not full potential (adaptation period from kaibutsu to human?? LOL)

Sometimes I got a feeling that producers (or whoever chooses the role) are still having doubts on choosing Johnny’s for complicated or challenging roles.

There are some exceptions, like nino with his roles. I admire him for his ability to blend perfectly with his role. He’s a living genius. Ohno needs more serious roles, which he gets it now in kagiheya. Sho already got his challenging role in Blackboard. I hope they keep evolving because I want them to be recognized not just as idols but also for their contributions in various fields. 

I can't wait for facedown and your eyes. I love both of the songs so much XD



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Apr. 19th, 2012 05:53 pm (UTC)
Hi~! :D
I kind of have to agree with you. I love NazoDi for Sho, but otherwise it's so simple...or more like, most of the Japanese dramas I've seen are not deep enough so it gets me a little irritated. I'm not finished with L7, but I fell in love with Eita's character and you're right, Shuntaro seems to just be there (so far as I've seen) and does not have a lot of depth. I'm not saying it has to be all serious, but they tend to leave out some background and do not flesh out the characters, thus the story lacks because the characters also makes the story. This was why I was really looking forward to a Nino drama. Shucks. Haven't seen Aiba or Ohno's. I'm thinking I should finish L7 first.
Apr. 19th, 2012 06:52 pm (UTC)
I love Blackboard SP. I think it's the best drama I've seen lately. The stories touched me. Sho's performance was epic. I'm also glad he played Shirahama. It showed he could be a good actor as well, given a good script and production. I felt like Kageyama could be much more than what he was in Nazodi too, only if the mysteries solving were more challenging.

I like plots like TQS2, where each ep can be an individual story, but yet linked together to something big at the end. This gives me more incentive to watch every single ep to make sure I don't miss anything.
May. 23rd, 2012 10:16 am (UTC)
Hey there!!
Just read your entry and I'm so glad that I'm not the only who doesn't like comedy :D

However, about the roles: I think the problem is that they are not allowed to do every role or: to play every role they want whenever they want. Mostly they play idol-roles and image-making roles.

Take Ohno for example: Maoh was definitely not an image making role and he hit it off. But after that he had to do a couple of image-making dramas.

Or Nishikido: Kudo in JOKER was definitely NOT an image-making role, though it was seriously amazing. Or his character in Last Friends. But now he had to do three idol-like dramas - and I'm slightly annoyed by that.

I think they are allowed to play these challenging roles where they are able to show off their acting... but then they have to go back to do some idol-dramas, before they can do something like that again. It sucks in my opinion!
But apparently Japanese fangirls are very strange and they don't appreciate it when their favourites do a challenging role.

Kimura once said that he always wanted to play a villain, but he is not allowed to...

I can't stand that! Really... I want my guys to play roles where they can show off their acting, because some of them are really good. As a fan I want to see that! I fangirl more over these serious roles than the image-making ones.

I'm actually not that much of a Nino-acting fan. He does a really good job and he did some good dramas. But it's always the same role ><
But I think that Aiba is totally underrated. I think he could do well... if they let him to. ^^
(I'm not even being biased here, because Jun is my bias ^^)
May. 24th, 2012 08:10 am (UTC)
Haha I’m glad that I’m not the only one too XD

Comedy is nice, but totally can’t win against suspense or other mystery drama.

And omg you also watch Joker XD

That’s one of my fave and totally flail over nishiryo and sakai masato.

I really love the concept of a twisted protagonist in joker or conflicted antagonist in maou.

That’s why I also follow few dramas that have same atmosphere like Bloody Monday or SPEC :P

Maybe you were right about the image making doramas (papadol for example XD) because they are idols, not actors.

Our boys have more chances on doing challenging roles in butais (too bad I’m not in Japan, why oh why XD)

But since they are extremely busy now, butai is not a priority L

I really missed those slightly dark doramas, seems not so many of them nowadays
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